Have a holly jolly Christmas

16 Dec

It’s the best time of the year! I agree…okay She-wood here…been so busy I haven’t formally introduced myself. Anyhow so back to the Christmas stuff…I’ve done lots of staying up late and sleeping in the livingroom with the youngest Wee-Wood.  Normally this would bother me but the Christmas tree brings such warmth and happiness into my livingroom that I don’t mind. In fact if I could I’d leave it up. But seriously that’s probably cuz it is soooo depressing to take it down. I’ll hire someone to do that for me.

Our Christmas tree is that kind that is full of memories…and more memories waiting to happen. It doesn’t have a theme or neatly put together…it just is there. Confession time: I cried when I put it up this year. We’ve got our lenox ornaments from when the girls were born and when we bought the house…then I thought of all the wonderful little ornaments they will make for the tree over the years and then them moving out. So I cried.

I also enjoy looking at it because it’s full of presents underneath. Not to be proud because I feel bad for those who dont have presents but we budgeted for those and worked really hard but I am struggling with whats under our tree verses others. I enjoy giving gifts and enjoyed having my envelope full on black friday to go shopping! Surprisingly this has been our best christmas to give…even with the economy cuz I’m finally getting the hang of my budget and taking out cash really helps. Oh please dont come rob me because honestly it’s not lots but He-Wood and I can do some bargain shopping. Lets just say black friday alone we saved over 600bucks! Crazy…we saved 300+ at Kohls and didn’t even spend that much. Gotta love it!

Wee-Wood 2 is crying, must run to the rescue.


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