It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

16 Dec

I cannot believe that the big day is only 10 days away.  I was praying this evening, and I said to God that it had snuck up on us this year.  However, I was immediately convicted in that statement.  Why would celebration of the birth of our Savior sneak up on any of us?  I was instantly reminded of the fact that Christmas is not something that we only celebrate in December for a few weeks.  Christmas is half of what makes Christianity so incredibly awesome.  I am a worship leader and youth pastor. and I have been trying to drill in the congregation the fact that we must have the cross in the back of our minds as we approach the manger.  The cross is what makes the manger so awe-inspiring.  The fact that the little baby in the manger was born so that mankind may have life, is what makes the manger awesome.  That little baby was born so that He could ultimately die and atone for the sin of humanity.  We have to keep this in mind this time of year.  It is this fact that leads us to worship around the manger in the first place.  I have been trying also to inform our youth at the church of the real Christmas.  It is not this nice little children’s story that we hear every year.  In all truthfulness, Jesus was born on what was possibly the worst day of Mary and Joseph’s life.  It was late at night on tax day.  They were away from home traveling under a cloud of scandal due to the fact that they were engaged and yet Mary was pregnant.  The baby Jesus was not born in a nice neat barn or stable like it often depicted, but rather He was born in the dark in a cave where animals gathered for shelter.  It was a terrible day for the young couple, and yet it was the day that God chose to break 400 years of silence with the sweet cry of a newborn baby. It draws me to worship even now.  God chose the least likely of days to bring ultimate hope into humanity.  It is most definitely a day of worship, and it is an event that we, as Christians, should never take for granted.  Therefore, this Christmas take the time to slow down and remember that we are celebrating the coming of our Savior, but don’t let December be the only time that you celebrate the coming of the Savior.


2 Responses to “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…”

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