Do you see what I see?

17 Dec

I am so proud of myself for that title.  You will find out why here in just a minute.  He-Wood here, by the way.  I want to talk today about the many symbols that are used at Christmas time.  There is Santa Claus, reindeer, stars, Christmas trees, mangers, stables, shepherds, lights, snowflakes, and many other things.  All of these things represent Christmas in our society.  However, they haven’t always meant Christmas.  Take Christmas trees for example.  They come from a pagan background when the Druids and the Saxons used to worship the pagan sun God on the Winter solstice by creating a huge bonfire around a sacred oak tree.  The idea was subsequently Christianized, and we now have Christmas trees.  Pretty crazy, huh?  I just wonder if you see what needs to be seen when you look at the many Christmas symbols.  No, reindeer and snowflakes don’t really represent anything that have to do with Jesus, but most of the other symbols do point back to Jesus.  Stars point to the star that guided the wise men, and presents represent the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus.  Mangers and stables harken to where Jesus was born (even though Jesus was not actually born in a nice barn like is usually depicted, but that is another story and I don’t have time. We have to move on).  But I ask the question: Do you see what I see?  When you look at all of these symbols at this time of year, what are you reminded of?  Do you think about how you need to get to this store to get that gift for someone, or are you reminded of the fact that God became man in the form of a baby so that we can have a relationship with Him?  Don’t fail to realize the amazing magnitude of that simple event.  Jesus was the ultimate gift to all of humanity, and that is why we celebrate this time of year.


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