It’s a new day

5 Jan

So He-Wood nudged and winked for me to post. Frankly I’ve been too busy, sick, and I dont get computer time much. But I am trying. So today I’ve been thinking the our house needs a good dose of discipline. Wee-Wood 2 just needs some for playing alone and sleeping alone. Wee-Wood 1 needs some for attitude, sleeping in a big girl bed, and potty-training. He-Wood for a food lifestyle change to lose weight. And me…well I need lots. I need some for getting this house in order. Both kids rooms need organizing, clothes packed, and new clothes put away. I need to get my bedroom in order. But most of all I need to be a better scheduler…basically I have a sorta schedule but it needs to be better and with the other discipline things going on in the house a lot of it depends on me. Stressor…oh yeah and did I mention I’ve got 4 labs to teach this semester! Yikes…that starts within a few days. Eeek! I need to get organized for that.

Okay off to find the Wee-Woods. One is crawling all around the house and the other is running from room to room saying she needs a knife to cut her toast!


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