And like a flood His mercy reigns…

7 Jan

Think about that for a moment.  God’s mercy is so rich that when He begins to pour it out on us we are completely flooded.  Imagine a 30 foot tidal wave coming straight at you and you are standing on the beach all by yourself.  You would have no chance of surviving that tidal wave.  The same is true to some extent of God’s immense mercy for us.  We cannot simply stand on the beach of life, withstand the tidal wave of God’s mercy and not be affected by it.  God’s mercy changes us.  It radically changes us.  The fact of the matter is that we truly deserve to be placed on that beach and be destroyed by the tidal wave.  But, God’s mercy does not destroy us, rather it renews us.  We have to come to the understanding that this mercy that is sung about and talked about in churches week in and week out is not something that we can merely gloss over and take for granted.  We have an incredibly merciful God who loves us and wants to have a relationship with each of us.

God’s mercy is blowing me over this morning.  I am so unworthy in and of myself, but through Christ I can stand with confidence before this merciful God who loves and cares for me.  That fact leads me to worship!  Don’t fall into the trap of glossing over mercy today.  Take time to thank God for His great mercy.


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