See I’m all about them words

10 Jan

He-Wood does a good job helping me come up with song lyrics…I guess we never talked about it but back when I first started my other blog I always did that…now we continue. Jason Mraz’s song is a good one for this topic. I told He-Wood I wanted to read more and it’s so difficult… I won’t make excuses but I did choose a book to read from our library. The Power of Words and the Wonder of God. It’s a collection of articles from different authors. Today’s was from Paul David Tripp. It’s about words. Last night I went out with the some friends…God can cut you deep because I probably wasn’t the best example of godliness….forgive me girls. On to what I LOVED about this article:

He begins by showing how vastly important and critical the area of talk/words are. He pointed out that although we dont think of it much, God was the first to speak (this will be important later) He discusses how we are talking people (some more than others), about how happiness and sadness are intertwined in talk from babies first words. Oh how I remember the happiness I felt when our daughter finally returned and I love you! He speaks of how sadness can be in silence, the lack of words, such as when parents fall silent due to sickness. He wrote about how our world of talk is a world of trouble; basically how we use them to hurt others.

One of the overarching themes of the article is centered around the mouth says what the heart feels. Based on Luke 6:43-45 where it talks about a tree bearing good/bad fruit. I couldn’t help but smile when he talked about someone saying “Oh I didnt mean to say that” like when they want to take back their words. He points out that biblically we should say “please forgive me for saying what I meant”…for if it hadn’t been in our heart it wouldn’t have come out of our mouth!!! A word problem is a heart problem. As a Christian we know things are all rooted in heart problems; in selfishness.

I could go on an on but I dont want to rewrite his article. It is well written but just wanted to echo how I enjoyed in and maybe give some insight to the 4 readers we have.  It’s a great eye opener and has a good perspective on marriage, kids, and well our WORDS. Oh how I hope my words heart is becoming more godly.


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