I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

19 Jan

This past weekend we went out and purchased a new Schwinn 120 Stationary bike so that we can exercise in the comfort of our own home.  With two kids it is hard for She-wood and I to get dressed, get the kids dressed, and go out to run.  Therefore, we decided to get this bike.  It is really nice.  The six miles that I rode on it this morning sorta kicked my butt, however I know that the benefits will far outweigh the cost.  It was pretty funny though, because afterward I had the jelly leg syndrome.  I had not worked my legs like that in quite some time.  I think that it is going to help She-wood and I out a lot.  It is nice to be able to ride on the bike inside during the cold months of winter and be able to ride in the air conditioning during the summer.  It is also exercise that can be done while watching the news in the morning or in the evening while watching TV with the family.  We like it a lot and we think that it is going to help us a lot as we are trying to change the way we eat and the amount of exercise we get.


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