I thank you Not to roll your eyes at me

23 Jan

Anita Renfroe that lyric was probably written for me when I was 12ish right? My mom totally asked you to include that because it’s all I did. So I’m a blog slacker but today I must give homage to my mother. I got a wonderful package in the mail today. It included the following: cinnamon, two things of cocoa, cajun spice (probably with the He-Wood in mind), and italian seasoning from Penzeys. Now if you’ve never been go…unfortuately I dont live close enough to one but my momma does! But she bought online and sent me goodies.

I have to say that I love my family. And while I was pretty brutal to them growing up, I hope I’ve gotten nicer. While I look just like my mother (in my opinion) I also act much like her. I’m thankful for the things she has taught me…ways she has given me support and listens to me complain. I hate that she lives so far away. I am thankful that right now I can be a stay at home mom at least for now…well sorta stay at home. I work for fun and to help get us outta debt.

I think one of my fondest memories growing up was how happy mom was one day when my sister and I made her a sandwich for when she got outta school. For a brief time mom went back to school and would get home a few minutes after our bus dropped us off and I remember one day we made her a sandwich. She humored us and ate it, who knows she might’ve enjoyed a delicious burger on the way home, remember this was before the days of Chick-fil-A. I think she quit school shortly afterwards because of “morning sickness” with my youngest sister. The things moms do. I apologize for this sounding very mothers day like, but who said I should wait till May right?!

Love ya Mom!!!!


One Response to “I thank you Not to roll your eyes at me”

  1. Annie_G January 25, 2010 at 3:35 pm #

    You’re so sweet…this made my day!!
    And for the record, that morning sickness was horrible…I was convinced I was growing an alien! It lasted all day…for months.
    You’ve always liked cooking for people – remember the anniversary dinner that you and Meryl cooked for us?
    It’s even more sweet to hear these things when it’s NOT Mother’s Day or some special event.

    I love you.

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