Baby are you down, down, down, down, down

25 Jan

If you are just keep my kids for a few minutes and the sweet things from Wee-Wood 1’s mouth will make you happy or giggle. Take the other day “daddy, I love you with all hearts”, today “mommy you make my heart so happy” in the dufenschmirtz kinda voice…it’s funny. Or earlier “Oooo Mickey mouse is my big boy!” hhaha I love it. I love being their mother and taking care of them.

I do get frustrated that AG doesn’t care to “learn” her numbers or letters, count properly or sing the alphabet. Slowly right? She’s 2.6ish and can make a scrambled egg…that counts for something!

Wee-Wood 2 well she might just make you cry these days. She’s got that goofy grin and keep falling over from pulling up. It’s helmet time!


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