I don’t wanna work

29 Jan

Okay I couldn’t think of any songs and I’m pressed for time. But I think that’s the motto my kids have keep me from working or being productive! Like adding a load of peepee clothes after I’ve already started the laundry. Or how bout not letting me put them down while trying to cook/eat…Wee-Wood 2 she’s a great weight loss helper for any mom. She won’t let you get near the kitchen.

Right now I’m anxious though…mostly due to bills and not about having enough $$$ it’s just I want them paid and I want them paid now. Some haven’t come like medical bills. Wee-Wood 2’s trip to the ER 2x…2100 greenies. Then we’ve got the car insurance, my ultrasound, doctors bills, upcoming bills for follow-up exams for Wee-Wood 2. Oh I must breath…but wait I forgot that Ga dept revenue hasn’t cashed our last check…praying we don’t have late fees.

Oh how I wish I had time to read and blog about something spiritual and yes I do know not to worry and yes I know God takes care of the birds and the flowers and he cares for me…I know that…and I believe things will be okay but for right now I’m allowing my adrenal glands to secrete cortisol you know that stress hormone that makes you fat…it’s okay because I won’t be able to eat due to Wee-Wood 2.     Cute huh?! hehe I crack myself up…much like my homeowners policy that doesnt cover my house if seized by military forces during attack, civil revolution etc….oh that was a good laugh at work yesterday!


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