Clifford needed emily

31 Jan

Yep it’s Sunday morn and I’m watching Clifford the big red dog. What’s that you say, don’t I get enough during the week? Well yes but today for sure wee-wood 1 is feverish and snotty. Verdict is still out on wee-wood 2.
Anyhow last night wee-wood 1 showed amazing dexterity at dinner. She ate with kid chopsticks! Seriously for 2.5 I think that an accomplishment. The night before she made a beautiful amount of pizza sauce with a knife. Careerwise maybe she could be a great cake artist with amazing piping skills or even a great painter. Who knows but it’s fun to think about!
Even when sick she still has an amazing love for her sissy! I love my girls and love that they love one another. Until we had wee-wood2 I never thought about it but we’ve given her a friendship that should last even after he-wood and I are gone! I hope they continue to be good friends and take care of me in my old age.


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