Jesus, all this is for you

2 Feb

I commented on a blog about how youth ministry often centers around the youth minister and once he’s gone things suffer…seriously every ministry does that when the “leader” is the sole person in charge when they don’t share and what not. Sorry I’m so short I’m trying to entertain the Wee-woods and blog. But it talks about having small group leaders as the foundation for the ministry but from a small church perspective or even an unmotivated larger church…what if you don’t have people/parents willing to invest in the lives of the kids. I’m not trying to step on toes but it’s often hard to find people who are willing to cover sunday school or wednesday night things or one that the kids are comfortable around for chaperones….

i’m not trying to start fights with our church or even the original blog posted but sometimes the “one man show” is the best we can do at times…and i feel he points them to Christ. Just a reminder we have prayer meeting at 6:15pm wed nights if we need to pray over this if a controversy arises then talk…my bad He-Wood. I’ll tell my employer I’ll work summer and I’ll go flip burgers.


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