Till the whole world hears

4 Feb

Okay rant time from She-wood. It’s about advertizing…mostly QuikTrip is that spelled right? Dunno it’s early, my eyes are pink, and well my students are glaring at me while I blog rant. They have this billboard with doughnuts it says “bosses love suck ups” okay yes PUH-LEASE teach the already slacker upcoming generation who feels owed by the world that sucking up gets you places. I know you know it’s a joke and yes it does sadly have some truth but still…don’t advertize it! 2nd their billboard with the cinnamon rolls that says “life’s too short for oatmeal” oh gee please make your life shorter by eating a cinnamon roll instead of some whole grains, oatmeal, or something. Goodness….

That being said anyone remember when twix’s slogan was one for me one for you?….now its two for me…and for a short time i believe it was “2 for me none for you” Ahhhh selfishness at it’s finest. And I think I’ll have it my way and just do it too.

Okay off to teach the next generation of “doctors”


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