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Ready yourselves, ready yourselves

26 Mar

Okay before you read further go here. I hope the link stays @ Anna’s story. Her story  would so be me…well sorta. She sells cakes to hotels…and she’s had a child. We connect. Through this connection I’m sure she and I could sit down and talk about life, except that my life hasn’t been full of heartache and nearly as many trials as hers. Yeah I bleed out in childbirth but hey I had medical attention…she might not have been as lucky.

Compassion has launched in Sri lanka and they started with the child survivor program…from what I’ve read these survivors will be the first children sponsored there. Go read about the projects they have for the mothers and the rest of the people there.


Steering Through Chaos Book Review

19 Mar

Steering Through Chaos is a new book by Scott Wilson who is the pastor of The Oaks Fellowship in Dallas, TX.  This is a great book!  I have never been so intrigued by each page and yet increasingly challenged by each page.  Being a church staff member myself, I was completely interested in the topic, but I did not expect to be challenged in such a way that it makes me feel like I should be doing so much more than what I currently am.  Scott touches on change from nearly every aspect imaginable throughout the course of the book.  One of the greatest and most valuable characteristics of this book is found at the end of each chapter.  The reader is strongly encouraged to apply what he or she has just read.  I love it when authors do this.  It requires the reader to take what was just read, internalize it, and apply it practically in ministry or elsewhere.  Overall, Scott Wilson has written a book that is both enlightening and challenging at the same time.  I would strongly recommend it to all church leaders no matter what your role may be.

It can’t be the way it is anymore…I can’t be the way I am anymore

16 Mar

Tomorrow night we will begin a new study with the youth at Westside Baptist Church.  We are going to struggle our way through Francis Chan’s new book The Forgotten God.  I use the word struggle intentionally.  I am both overjoyed and terrified of this study at the same time.  Having read through the first couple of chapters, I have been incredibly challenged by Chan’s words.  We really do have an incorrect view of the Holy Spirit and the power that He provides to us as believers.  I know I do.  I hardly ever think of having a single day of ministry that is comparable to one day of ministry that was experienced by Paul, Peter, or any of the other disciples.  However, if we are to believe the words of Jesus, those types of days are well within the scope of modern ministry with the help of the Holy Spirit. I really look forward to what I believe is going to be great in the lives of our youth as we try to grasp abetter understanding of who the Holy Spirit is, what He does in us, and how we tap into His power.  I love what Francis Chan writes on page 37 of the book, and I have decided to make it my motto, “I am tired of living in a way that looks exactly like people who do not have the Holy Spirit of God living in them.  I want to consistently live with an awareness of His strength.  I want to be different today from what I was yesterday as the fruit of the spirit becomes more manifest in me.”  Think about that, and decide if it is something that you can build your life around.

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world

8 Mar

All week I’ve been loving the compassion international tweets and blogs as some bloggers are on their trip. I love the stories. Follow theme here. Its amazing to see their pictures and hear the stories. One story of Eluid posted today. I must say I love it. The pictures are a young man nicely dressed, read shirt and tie and vest with the worst conditions imaginable behind him. They describe it as one of the worst slums with sewage running through it. Gross huh…but one conversation a blogist wrote about was rich v poor man. This man’s wise words:

“A rich man becomes blind until he cannot see good and wrong”

Oh how true that can be! I will continue to enjoy their trip from my computer and look forward to Compassion Sunday. Off to see how many people I know have a compassion child…ie change my facebook status.

I got a feelin’

5 Mar

that tonights gunno be a good night! I am making on of my most favorite soups ever! if it works I may never have to order it again I can just make it weekly! It’s zuppa toscana sausage, potato, and kale soup from the Olive Garden. OMgosh it’s amazing.

I also gotta feeling that Compassion Sunday is going to be great! I can’t wait to share with our congregation. We might not have anyone say yes to doing it but maybe someone will. I know times are tight and with much change around maybe people will keep it in mind. I’ve debated making cupcakes to sell if they didn’t want to sponsor a child and then donate the $$$. We enjoy sharing our compassion story and would love to meet our child one day. He-wood more so than me because traveling to new places scares me…oh yeah and I dont have $$$ for an Africa trip.

I was reminded last night twice that our blog/twitter world is so small. I retweeted someone on a compassion trip then a few hrs later I was reading a baking blog and her friend is on that trip!! Kids are screaming how do those major bloggers have good posts…good thing you cant hear screaming in blog world

But According To Him…

4 Mar

There’s a new song out by an artist named Orianthi.  The song is “According To You,” and there is a lot of meat that can be drawn from the song.  First you should listen to it.  Click here. Pretty good song on its own, and not to mention she has MAD guitar skills.  I talked to the youth last night about how we can relate the song to our lives.  There are constantly people around us or Satan is whispering in our ears that we are stupid, useless, can’t do anything right, and just all around worthless.  We are bombarded with it every day from many different directions.  But there is also another voice that is trying to get our attention as well.  God is constantly saying that we are beautiful, incredible, useful, worth the price of giving His only Son for our salvation.  God loves us more than we could ever know, and He is simply waiting for us to block out the rest of the noise in our lives so that He can speak to us and let us know how valuable we are to Him.  You have to ask yourself which voice you will listen to.  Are you going to listen to the voice of the world and the devil telling you that you are unloveable, incompetent, and worthless, or will you listen to the voice of God telling you that you are loved by the Father, guaranteed forgiveness through the Son, and have the presence of the Holy Spirit with you always?

Tell me what you want what you really really want

1 Mar

I want time…time to do my cake stuff and finish my quilt, okay and maybe take a shower and a trip shopping without 2 kids. Is that realllly too much to ask for? I mean Id love time to clean my house and blog daily…oh yeah and grade 80something lab reports. I totalllllly forgot about that. Hmm…maybe I’ll call a grandparent for a couple hours of babysitting since I NEED to get grades delivered to them…must run but know I havent forgotten you.