But According To Him…

4 Mar

There’s a new song out by an artist named Orianthi.  The song is “According To You,” and there is a lot of meat that can be drawn from the song.  First you should listen to it.  Click here. Pretty good song on its own, and not to mention she has MAD guitar skills.  I talked to the youth last night about how we can relate the song to our lives.  There are constantly people around us or Satan is whispering in our ears that we are stupid, useless, can’t do anything right, and just all around worthless.  We are bombarded with it every day from many different directions.  But there is also another voice that is trying to get our attention as well.  God is constantly saying that we are beautiful, incredible, useful, worth the price of giving His only Son for our salvation.  God loves us more than we could ever know, and He is simply waiting for us to block out the rest of the noise in our lives so that He can speak to us and let us know how valuable we are to Him.  You have to ask yourself which voice you will listen to.  Are you going to listen to the voice of the world and the devil telling you that you are unloveable, incompetent, and worthless, or will you listen to the voice of God telling you that you are loved by the Father, guaranteed forgiveness through the Son, and have the presence of the Holy Spirit with you always?


One Response to “But According To Him…”

  1. She-wood March 4, 2010 at 8:31 pm #

    Nice job! I think it’s important that no matter how damaged we appear god sees a vessel for his use

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