I got a feelin’

5 Mar

that tonights gunno be a good night! I am making on of my most favorite soups ever! if it works I may never have to order it again I can just make it weekly! It’s zuppa toscana sausage, potato, and kale soup from the Olive Garden. OMgosh it’s amazing.

I also gotta feeling that Compassion Sunday is going to be great! I can’t wait to share with our congregation. We might not have anyone say yes to doing it but maybe someone will. I know times are tight and with much change around maybe people will keep it in mind. I’ve debated making cupcakes to sell if they didn’t want to sponsor a child and then donate the $$$. We enjoy sharing our compassion story and would love to meet our child one day. He-wood more so than me because traveling to new places scares me…oh yeah and I dont have $$$ for an Africa trip.

I was reminded last night twice that our blog/twitter world is so small. I retweeted someone on a compassion trip then a few hrs later I was reading a baking blog and her friend is on that trip!! Kids are screaming how do those major bloggers have good posts…good thing you cant hear screaming in blog world


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