Steering Through Chaos Book Review

19 Mar

Steering Through Chaos is a new book by Scott Wilson who is the pastor of The Oaks Fellowship in Dallas, TX.  This is a great book!  I have never been so intrigued by each page and yet increasingly challenged by each page.  Being a church staff member myself, I was completely interested in the topic, but I did not expect to be challenged in such a way that it makes me feel like I should be doing so much more than what I currently am.  Scott touches on change from nearly every aspect imaginable throughout the course of the book.  One of the greatest and most valuable characteristics of this book is found at the end of each chapter.  The reader is strongly encouraged to apply what he or she has just read.  I love it when authors do this.  It requires the reader to take what was just read, internalize it, and apply it practically in ministry or elsewhere.  Overall, Scott Wilson has written a book that is both enlightening and challenging at the same time.  I would strongly recommend it to all church leaders no matter what your role may be.


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