Awake my soul

22 Apr

Okay so this coming Sunday is Compassion Sunday. I’m excited…I may not seem excited but that’s because the He-wood unit is away for school and the girls dont want to sleep and we’ve been camping out at the inlaws so the whole world doesnt have to get up at Dawn’s buttcrack. But luckily today is the last day for a WHILE that I have to wake up and get here early. But sadly that means that summer is here and frankly I’m not ready. I’ve got sooo much to do between now and fall but I just want to enjoy the purdy weather. I want Wee-wood 2 walking well so she can play with her sissy at the park. I want He-wood’s mondays to not be taken up by school. For the first time ever we will have a day off together! I know I know you may be saying well you have the weekend…well when your spouse is a minister Sunday is not a day of rest!

I’m looking forward to an enjoyable summer. I’m praying no catastrophes and that all is well. Oh yeah and no throwing up while at camp….or any other time for that matter!


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