They will know us by our love

8 May

Okay yes another Christy Nockles song…I don’t ever ever ever get sick of them. We went to a concert to see Shane and Shane recently and they grabbed a pack of tissues because they always cry…well inevitably Christy makes me cry. Okay so enough about me and my sobby friends…get it sobby? pun on snobby….oh I guess I only make myself laugh.

Okay so here’s the deal I love my husband. It’s mother’s day weekend and he always makes me feel wonderful but this week even more so. It doesn’t help that I missed him terribly all week while being at moms and that I came home to a clean home and two bright smiling faces who missed me this week. I already got my present, although I didn’t need a cast iron tea kettle and mint tea but I’m very thankful. I love me some mint tea. I love sharing it with my husband too. Another blog that I followed echoed my sentiments in her post. She’s cool. I know my husband doesn’t talk to his hairdresser about me but I know I am loved. How lucky am I!


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