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Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down

22 Jun

Okay so I’m slowly blogging about the baptist church music conference…yes I know I never finished going thru catalyst stuff. Forgive me…I try.

Blackaby round 2. All I basically need to say is 3 things to keep oin mind when approaching worship. 1-acknowledge who….this outta clear up lots of commenters about how that message was bad or music wasnt my style. 2-expectation- we should expect god to move…plan on invitation and have people ready to help pray and respond with people. 3-commitment…how will we respond

Noland round 2:

How to grow as a private worshipper. We cant lead our congregation on a journey we havent taken ourselves. A private worshipper (one p or two?!) makes corporate worship changed because they have prepped. Constantly make yourselves open to Gods presence. Set aside time to worship during the week. Some ideas he shared: “ACTS”, Psalm a day, meditate or pray names of God, which attribute means most to you right now, write your own psalm, daily nugget of praise. I like daily nugget of praise…probably because I need to be optimistic and this will help me stay focused.

How do you privately worship? Oh and if you see me singly loudly in the car…it’s probably to Christy Nockels you know I’ve got a “thang” for her music. Off to tend to my children!


Oh Lord you are the father

19 Jun

Happy fathers day he-wood. Reasons I love seeing you as a father:
-you aren’t ashamed to tear up watching our girls do something
-how you bring much laughter into our lives (even during discipline)
-how you instill godly principles in our kids
-how you demand they respect me without having to ask for it
-how you spoil those girls
-how you kid about having a houseful of girls buy secretly you love it!
-how you get randomly excited about our kids and blurt out that you love them
-how your becoming a dad fulfilled a deep desire within my heart to be a mother- thanks
I can’t express enough how much I love you. Everyday I rejoice in you but today I cherish and celebrate you as a father! You’re doing an amazing job! Love you

How Great Is the Love the Father Has Poured Out on Us That We Should Be Called the Children of God

18 Jun

With Father’s Day only two days away I have been thinking a lot about fatherhood and my relationship to the Heavenly Father.  He truly has lavished His love on us!  How often to you truly take the time to think about that?  Sure, I am just as guilty as the next guy of taking my relationship with God for granted, but lately I have made a concerted effort to not do so.  While watching the live stream of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastors Conference on Monday evening I heard a story an saying that both strongly convicted and greatly encouraged me.  The guy at the podium was talking of how when they first brought home the latest child they had adopted, every night when they tucked him into bed he would say, “I’m going to be a great son for you!”  When I heard those words, and even now as I just wrote them, I was convicted.  The illustration and analogy to the way I should feel in my relationship to God the Father was not in any way lost on me.  I do want so badly to be a good son for Him.  I can’t even express the deep desire I have in my heart to make God proud of me.  I completely understand that there is no way for me to gain any greater love or standing in God’s economy.  After all, the only reason that I can live and breathe in the first place is because of Jesus’ sacrifice for me when I didn’t even know I needed a Savior. However, I do want to please Him in every way possible.  The conviction I feel comes from the fact that I know there are numerous times each day that I displease Him.  It pains me to no end to know that God made the ultimate sacrifice for me in Christ, but I can’t even follow a couple of rules for Him in return each day.  How wretched am I?

That being said, however, how good and merciful and loving and gracious is God that He would still look on me and call me His own?  God is the perfect Father, and I, as a father myself, should be reflecting that back to my children.  Of course, it will never be a perfect reflection, but at least I can try.  There are times when I get so frustrated with the wee-woods, and I know I blow up when I should not.  It is in those times, as I look in retrospect, that I am strongly reminded of God’s eternal and immeasurable mercy.  Can you imagine how frustrated God must get with us at times?  He sets one simply task in front of us and yet we are unable to even attempt it correctly.  It is in that moment of failure on our part that God’s mercy and grace shine though in glorious fashion.  It is in our weakness that He is strong, and it is in our failure that God succeeds.  He is the perfect loving Father.

So this Father’s Day spend some time reflecting on the goodness that we are shown on a daily basis from our Father in Heaven.  Also take time to thanks and love on your earthly father for the love that he has shown you in trying to reflect God’s example to you.  Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Come now is the time for worship

14 Jun

Last week He-wood and I were at the Baptist Church Music Conference. It was nice. We enjoyed the orchestra and choirs that were present, something our little church isnt really capable of right now. Which is fine because I don’t think that’s how church has to be but I do hope my girls can grow up appreciating them like we did. Okay so there was lots of preaching and instruction and discussion that went on. Oh yeah and some fellowship with some cool peeps. Anyhow the first session opened with Mel Blackaby, maybe a familiar name to you if you have ever done Experiencing God study. Our theme was worship and I took away from him true worship is arriving at His (God’s) presence. Also I enjoyed the analogy of doing a good job but at the wrong place. I’m still hashing this out but maybe something like you or your church did something but it wasnt meant for you to do? I dunno…comments are welcome to help me figure this out. Also as leadership we need to answer for ourselves why should people come to our church? What to we have to offer? We have hashed this out (he-wood and I) during Catalyst conference.

Then we moved on to a discussion with Dr. Sharp. He-wood had his as a professor in school. This talked about generations worshipping together. This is such a “flash-point” for the church today because there are contemporary services, traditional, and blended services. We explored scripture that discusses how we should all worship together, setting aside preferences. He used the analogy of a Sunday Family Dinner of how worship should be. How true is it that that dinner has something for everyone from baby to parents to great grandparents at the table. The point of family dinner is fellowship and nourishment. It’s  a place to pass down stories…stories of God his faithfulness, how he provides, his character…NOT a place to pass down methadology. How many families sit down and talk about okay so at christmas you will do this and this and then at easter you must do this and this. No we talk about how at Thanksgiving a family member brought a frozen turkey to the table…raw frozen turkey. What an unforgettable memory!  We must build bridges to have an intergenerational worship service:

1-expand menu-variety, multi-sensory (He had a great breakdown of generations preferences, how they thrive, etc but it got wet…thats another blog)

2-utensils-tools for ministry variety sound, lighting, backgrounds, video testimony etc

3-condiments-hymns, outline, childrens guide

4-stories- bridge life

5-all are served- pretty self explanatory!!!!

Everyone is fed and fellowshipped which is the goal of church. We need to be fed God’s word and nourished our soul through worship (He-wood correct me if I need it) and fellowship with other believers to get encouragement and to be an encourager/serve!

Okay I’m done lecturing…comments…or am I writing to myself? Its cool I’ll hash it out for myself.

I stand amazed in the presence

6 Jun

Okay so we didnt sing that song tonight but I just needed a song quick before bed. We are enjoying (for the most point) the Baptist Church Music Conference. I think its awesome to see the choir and orchestra but I think for me (she-wood) its more important that both old school traditional and youngin’s contemporary music leaders gathered under one roof. As much controversy that can go along with music we both couldn’t be there without the other. Much as raising children without a good parental foundation we couldn’t do what we do without those who have gone before us and to carry on the legacy/Good News in a new music fashion they too have needed us. New ideas, a refreshed spirit, and energy.

All that being said its weird to be at a church conference. We go to Catalyst but that feels different because I’m used to those speakers…here I don’t dress right. I don’t think they make old lady looking clothes for my body. No offense but it’s just not my style I chose to rock some loose fitting jeans and a Pioneer Woman graphic tee!

On another note…it might be possible that my children grow up in a church that doesn’t have a choir, orchestra, or steeple (I’ve covered that one before). He-wood isn’t classically trained in leading those so unless he’s “2nd” in command in music probably wont happen in our church, particularly a church of our size.

Off to sleep…busy BUSY day tomorrow.

Say okay, I have had enough, what else can you show me?

2 Jun

okay so maybe I have had enough…enough of  not blogging its soooo hard. Anyhow what I’ve been thinking about since I was asked by a stranger for $$ yesterday is well money and being an enabler. You see I’m not a huge giving person to someone I don’t know. I’d love to be the blessing kinda person but I don’t think it’s my nature. It’s He-woods nature…and sometimes it makes my skin crawl…did I say that outloud. I just hate the stereotype of not knowing if the guy really did need bus money or was he really hungry. It makes me feel horrible and I’m getting better I really am. I do feel bad when I dont give $ but okay so here’s what I will leave you with: Are we enabling or helping? Remember the whole teach a man to fish verses feeding him for a day. Granted I dont have lots of teaching experience but it can be truly hard to teach someone to fish when they are really hungry. Sometimes after being fed they run off to be fed some where else…I struggle in the classroom with this too but how can we as a church meet the financial needs of the people while also teaching them to be responsible stewards learning how to “fish” rather than just eat? Okay I’m done. Oh btw its my birthday. Happy Birthday to She-wooddddddddd! Woohooo 1 yr ago I was 12 hrs from being in labor. Maybe that will be a post for tomorrow!