Say okay, I have had enough, what else can you show me?

2 Jun

okay so maybe I have had enough…enough of  not blogging its soooo hard. Anyhow what I’ve been thinking about since I was asked by a stranger for $$ yesterday is well money and being an enabler. You see I’m not a huge giving person to someone I don’t know. I’d love to be the blessing kinda person but I don’t think it’s my nature. It’s He-woods nature…and sometimes it makes my skin crawl…did I say that outloud. I just hate the stereotype of not knowing if the guy really did need bus money or was he really hungry. It makes me feel horrible and I’m getting better I really am. I do feel bad when I dont give $ but okay so here’s what I will leave you with: Are we enabling or helping? Remember the whole teach a man to fish verses feeding him for a day. Granted I dont have lots of teaching experience but it can be truly hard to teach someone to fish when they are really hungry. Sometimes after being fed they run off to be fed some where else…I struggle in the classroom with this too but how can we as a church meet the financial needs of the people while also teaching them to be responsible stewards learning how to “fish” rather than just eat? Okay I’m done. Oh btw its my birthday. Happy Birthday to She-wooddddddddd! Woohooo 1 yr ago I was 12 hrs from being in labor. Maybe that will be a post for tomorrow!


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