I stand amazed in the presence

6 Jun

Okay so we didnt sing that song tonight but I just needed a song quick before bed. We are enjoying (for the most point) the Baptist Church Music Conference. I think its awesome to see the choir and orchestra but I think for me (she-wood) its more important that both old school traditional and youngin’s contemporary music leaders gathered under one roof. As much controversy that can go along with music we both couldn’t be there without the other. Much as raising children without a good parental foundation we couldn’t do what we do without those who have gone before us and to carry on the legacy/Good News in a new music fashion they too have needed us. New ideas, a refreshed spirit, and energy.

All that being said its weird to be at a church conference. We go to Catalyst but that feels different because I’m used to those speakers…here I don’t dress right. I don’t think they make old lady looking clothes for my body. No offense but it’s just not my style I chose to rock some loose fitting jeans and a Pioneer Woman graphic tee!

On another note…it might be possible that my children grow up in a church that doesn’t have a choir, orchestra, or steeple (I’ve covered that one before). He-wood isn’t classically trained in leading those so unless he’s “2nd” in command in music probably wont happen in our church, particularly a church of our size.

Off to sleep…busy BUSY day tomorrow.


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