How Great Is the Love the Father Has Poured Out on Us That We Should Be Called the Children of God

18 Jun

With Father’s Day only two days away I have been thinking a lot about fatherhood and my relationship to the Heavenly Father.  He truly has lavished His love on us!  How often to you truly take the time to think about that?  Sure, I am just as guilty as the next guy of taking my relationship with God for granted, but lately I have made a concerted effort to not do so.  While watching the live stream of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastors Conference on Monday evening I heard a story an saying that both strongly convicted and greatly encouraged me.  The guy at the podium was talking of how when they first brought home the latest child they had adopted, every night when they tucked him into bed he would say, “I’m going to be a great son for you!”  When I heard those words, and even now as I just wrote them, I was convicted.  The illustration and analogy to the way I should feel in my relationship to God the Father was not in any way lost on me.  I do want so badly to be a good son for Him.  I can’t even express the deep desire I have in my heart to make God proud of me.  I completely understand that there is no way for me to gain any greater love or standing in God’s economy.  After all, the only reason that I can live and breathe in the first place is because of Jesus’ sacrifice for me when I didn’t even know I needed a Savior. However, I do want to please Him in every way possible.  The conviction I feel comes from the fact that I know there are numerous times each day that I displease Him.  It pains me to no end to know that God made the ultimate sacrifice for me in Christ, but I can’t even follow a couple of rules for Him in return each day.  How wretched am I?

That being said, however, how good and merciful and loving and gracious is God that He would still look on me and call me His own?  God is the perfect Father, and I, as a father myself, should be reflecting that back to my children.  Of course, it will never be a perfect reflection, but at least I can try.  There are times when I get so frustrated with the wee-woods, and I know I blow up when I should not.  It is in those times, as I look in retrospect, that I am strongly reminded of God’s eternal and immeasurable mercy.  Can you imagine how frustrated God must get with us at times?  He sets one simply task in front of us and yet we are unable to even attempt it correctly.  It is in that moment of failure on our part that God’s mercy and grace shine though in glorious fashion.  It is in our weakness that He is strong, and it is in our failure that God succeeds.  He is the perfect loving Father.

So this Father’s Day spend some time reflecting on the goodness that we are shown on a daily basis from our Father in Heaven.  Also take time to thanks and love on your earthly father for the love that he has shown you in trying to reflect God’s example to you.  Happy Father’s Day everyone!


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