Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down

22 Jun

Okay so I’m slowly blogging about the baptist church music conference…yes I know I never finished going thru catalyst stuff. Forgive me…I try.

Blackaby round 2. All I basically need to say is 3 things to keep oin mind when approaching worship. 1-acknowledge who….this outta clear up lots of commenters about how that message was bad or music wasnt my style. 2-expectation- we should expect god to move…plan on invitation and have people ready to help pray and respond with people. 3-commitment…how will we respond

Noland round 2:

How to grow as a private worshipper. We cant lead our congregation on a journey we havent taken ourselves. A private worshipper (one p or two?!) makes corporate worship changed because they have prepped. Constantly make yourselves open to Gods presence. Set aside time to worship during the week. Some ideas he shared: “ACTS”, Psalm a day, meditate or pray names of God, which attribute means most to you right now, write your own psalm, daily nugget of praise. I like daily nugget of praise…probably because I need to be optimistic and this will help me stay focused.

How do you privately worship? Oh and if you see me singly loudly in the car…it’s probably to Christy Nockels you know I’ve got a “thang” for her music. Off to tend to my children!


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