I am not ashamed. I am not shaken. I am not the same anymore.

5 Jul

Hopefully this will be the prayer of each youth, and each chaperone for that matter, will be singing at the end of this week.  It has been a long, Long, LONG day.  However, I could not be more happy to be completely spent at this moment.  It is awesome to be here with the youth of Westside Baptist Church.  The trip down to Orange Beach, AL was very uneventful to be honest.  We made great time getting here, and everyone made it safely.  We actually got here much quicker than I had expected so we had to waste some time walking around an outlet mall before we could go register with StudentLife.  (Don’t worry.  No one made any unplanned purchases.  It was simply a time waster.)  We have great accommodations this year.  The hotel we are staying in is only two years old, and it is very nice indeed.  Hopefully it will be that way when we leave.  Our first worship session this evening truly set the tone.  Aaron Keyes started us off with some great worship through song that got our hearts pointed toward God.  Matt Chandler spoke this evening of the fact that we are all in a pickle so to speak when it comes to our position in the economy of God.  He spoke from Romans 1:21-32.  He made this statement, “We all know that something has gone wrong with the world that we live in.  Until we address the deeper problem there will always be a problem.”  He spoke of the fact that we often simply treat the symptoms of our disease rather that the disease itself.  He used the illustration of mowing over weeds in your yard.  You can cut them with the mower countless times, but until you pull them up from the root they will keep growing back.  He left us all hanging saying that we truly are powerless to remove said weeds from our lives, except for someone stepping in to fix the problem for us.

I am so expectant for this week.  I know that God is going to move greatly on our behalf.  I pray that the kids will have their eyes opened to the truth of the Gospel, and that they will cease to exchange that truth for the lies of the world around them.  IT is time for us to return to our first love which is found in the God of the Gospel.  Continue to follow the prayer guide form the bulletin on Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who is praying for us.  Check back tomorrow night for another update.


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