Everything comes alive in our lives as we lift You higher…

7 Jul

What a day!!  Our second day at StudentLife Camp in Orange Beach has been amazing.  We have been challenged, encouraged, convicted, and lifted through the singing of worship songs and the reading and preaching of the Word of God.  Matt Chandler challenged us this morning with the idea that everything that we strive for here on earth is truly meaningless in the grand scheme of things.  We worked through Ecclesiastes chapter one in order to begin uncovering this truth.  Aaron Keyes has led us wonderfully through the use of song both this morning and tonight.  Worship has been slow to come to the group.  It seemed as though there was something holding us back in our enthusiasm to let go in worship.  During the celebration time this morning Aaron Keyes asked the question, “When was the last time you truly bowed down before the Lord?”  In the same moment I thought, “Wow! That will be a great question to bring before the kids in our church group time this evening,” but then I was immediately convicted.  I had to think had about when the last time I had truly bowed down before God myself.  I don’t mean in the physical sense, although that had been a while too.  I mean in the sense of bowing down as an act of submission to the Lordship of God in my life and taking the time to simply listen to God.  It had been too long.

If I’m being honest I was becoming frustrated this afternoon.  As crazy as this may sound, there was a good bit of complaining going on from the kids in our group.  It concerned various things, but suffice it to say that there was a good amount of complaining going on.  Therefore, this evening following worship when it came time for our church group time, the situation needed to be addressed.  I began by simply asking the question, “Why are you here this week?”  The fact of the matter is that through listening to conversations and observing body language most of the kids were not focused on the right things, and the main reasons for many of them being here were not necessarily correct.  So I asked the group to join me by placing ourselves in the posture of bowing down before God.  We knelt in the floor in order to physically place ourselves in a position that hopefully would reflect the posture of our hearts.  I began to pray for God to pour out His presence on us.  I had come to Orange Beach this week with a great deal of expectancy for God to move in a mighty way.  I have been praying specifically for student leadership to rise up within our youth group.  I have also been praying for God to move in the hearts and minds of the students to learn to garner a respect for their parents.  I was pleading with God to move in the way that I have been expecting for weeks leading up to camp.  I have such a strong desire for our youth to experience God in a way that is utterly and truly life changing.  I was simply pouring out my heart to God for this to happen.  I chose the song lyric as the title for this post, because I believe that a change occurred in our youth as I prayed.  I’m not sure if it was the culmination of several events, the act of physically bowing before the Lord, or something else, but when I finished praying other prayers from our youth began to rise up from the faces that were literally on the ground.  I think that our youth may have reached the turning point that I so longed for them to reach.  I understand, and I’m not naive enough to think that everyone is at the exact same place spiritually.  But for the most part it seems to me that we are joining toward a common focus as a group.  We are about learning to worship God in a way that is directed by biblical examples and is not concerned with the thoughts or feelings of those around us.  More than once this evening the statement was made that “We are no longer going to be worried about what others think.”  I am still expectant for God to move, but I believe that the movement has begun.

I am still going after the Lord in prayer for our youth.  I want for them to be willing to be led to deeper waters by God, and I want them to abide there.  I read Isaiah 55:6-9 to our youth this evening after we prayed.  Verse 6 reads, “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near.”  I have challenged the students that God is near this week and he may be found by us.  I have told them to not let the moment pass by.  Pray strongly that the moment and the gravity of will not be lost on our students.  We covet your prayers still, and we long for salvation to spring up from the ground and the rushing waters to flow over us.

I believe that are kids are ready to be both lost and found in the love of God.


One Response to “Everything comes alive in our lives as we lift You higher…”

  1. Brenda Lowe July 7, 2010 at 9:32 am #

    Wow! I stand with you in your desires for our youth and believe God will shape this week to bring each of them into a deeper walk. May God pursue them like he pursued Samuel & Paul and call each by name. Thank you, Jason, for being so specific in sharing your desires for them in prayer. Renewing my commitment to pray for all of you this week.
    God bless you,
    2 Thess. 2:16-17

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