Rain down. My heart is dry but I’m still singing…

7 Jul

Today has been yet another great day.  The weather was absolutely beautiful following a rainy day yesterday.  We began this morning in celebration with Matt Chandler telling us how when people run form God they do so in one of two directions.  They either choose to disobey God in every way possible that they can find, or they choose to try to be as clean as possible on their own without God.  This then led to a discussion this evening where Matt talked of the two major errors that people make concerning the gospel.

He said the fact of the matter is that many of us have a fundamental misunderstanding of the essence of the gospel.  He pointed us to 1 Corinthians 15 where Paul reminds the church at Corinth to never forget the gospel that he had preached to them.  This was directed toward people who were already Christians.  Paul is telling them to never get over the gospel.  It is not something that gets us to the point of salvation and then we do not require it anymore, but rather the gospel not only brings us to justification it also works out our sanctification.  Matt says that the two major errors are legalism and license.  In legalism we replace the grace of the cross of Jesus Christ with the law, and we try to work our way into greater favor with God.  This simply cannot occur. (See Phil. 3:1-9, Gal. 1:6-20, and Gal. 2:20-3:5.)  In license we decide to simply live however we want to with the idea that God is going to forgive us anyway.  This cannot not be either. (See Romans 6:1-3.)  In either situation, we are simply striving to change the gospel into something that is not the gospel.  Matt made the statement, “Our goal is not behavior modification.  It is knowing and loving Jesus more.”  The fact of the matter is that God in not in love with some future version of ourselves that is totally clean and does not sin.  God loves us right now just the way we are.

Matt ended the session with asking the question, “What is it in the world that stirs your affections for Jesus?”  Matt said that for him it is strong, black coffee, dinner with great friends, wonderfully beautiful sunrises, and his children.  This evening during our church group time we spent a good amount of time just going around the room talking about things that stir our affections for Jesus.  It was a great and encouraging way to end our day.

We are still expectant for God to continue to move, and we still covet your prayers.


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