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They say that I can walk on water if I would follow and believe with faith like a child

1 Oct

I am blogging today out of both an incredible sense of joy and an incredible sense of trepidation at the same time.  The other evening on the way home from church Wee-wood 1 asked She-wood a series of questions.  I will recount the conversation for you.

Wee-wood 1: “Mommy, where does God live?”

She-wood: “Well Sweetie, He lives in Heaven?

Wee-wood 1 (with concern): “Does He live there by Himself?”

She-wood: “No there are people there and the angels live there too?”

Wee-wood 1: “Mommy, what do angels look like?”

She-wood: “Well they look different from people. Some have wings and stuff.”

Wee-wood 1: “Mommy, what do angels eat?”

She-wood: “Well Sweetie they don’t really eat anything.  They don’t have to eat like we do.”

Wee-wood 1: “Oh, okay.”

And as quick as that the conversation was over.  When She-wood told me about it I laughed at first, because that is just a precious little conversation between mother and daughter.  But once it had a chance to marinate in my mind for a little bit,  began to wonder.  What could have been going through her mind to have initiated that series of questions?  Just thinking about this makes me so happy to know that she is thinking about God and what He is like.  Sure I understand that she is just three years old, but it is awesome to know that her little mind is thinking about these kinds of things even now.  I wonder what she was trying to understand about God as these thoughts when through her mind.  These things make me very happy to be her father.  However, at the same time it also makes me realize that I cannot sit on my laurels as a student of the Bible and theology.  I have to stay up on my study of the Bible and the character of God so that I can explain it to her and Wee-wood 2 as best as I can.  Just because I am a seminary grad does not mean that I have it all figured out.  I have been challenged.

The final observation that I had about this little conversation deals directly with todays title.  At the end of her line of questioning, Wee-wood 1 simply accepted the answers that She-wood gave her.  There was no sense of disbelief or incredulity in her mind.  She accepted it with simple faith.  How I long for the innocence of youth again.  The world has damaged my childlike acceptance of the simple truths of God and His character.  I long for that again.