So I’ll blame it on bad luck and I’ll shake responsibility

11 Jan

Don’t hate me if those lyrics by Bayside are bad…I don’t know the song just glanced at the lyrics because they were so fitting for my blogpost.

We live in the south and have been experiencing Snowpocalpyse or whatever silliness you want to term it. One thing besides snow that we’ve had is a ridiculous amount of news coverage. Along with this coverage is everyone blaming someone else for the trouble we are in…citizens blame the government for not clearing roads, cities and counties blame the state, and the state says it hit worse than we though (if they say anything at all). I’m not looking for anyone to blame but isn’t just like people to always pass the buck…try to blame others. As Christians even in church we try to blame others to save our butts. Take being prepared for a Sunday school lesson…we say oh well the kids were sick or I had a big meeting at work this week. Or if you were told to read through a passage in preparation for Sunday and failed to do so you might blame the teacher or pastor for not reminding you or for not making expectations clear. If we were to step back we would see that we were to blame.

2 Cor 5: 10 reminds me of when I will have to stand before God and account for my deeds. I realize it isn’t a perfect fit for what I’m talking about but if we are going to do this one day in front of God why not practice in front of people. People who like to call us hypocrits or better yet Christians who think they don’t measure up to other Christians, that appear to have it all under control.

I’ve loved the guy who was transporting cows and said because of GA he was going to lose the cows. Hello…he’s the goob that drove into this mess and caused himself trouble. See how often do we blame someone else for our mistakes or bad “luck” when we put ourselves in harm then get into some kind of trouble. Maybe we’re struggling to make ends meet but we decide that financing furniture for 3 years with no interest will not hurt but then we forget to save so we try and blame our boss that didn’t give us a raise or what about hanging out with certain friends where the conversation leads to ungodliness instead of building each other up. 2 Timothy reminds us to flee from things and this fleeing is supposed to protect us from getting into trouble.

We all blame but given that we are going to account for what we do in the end maybe we should work on it. Treat it like gossip or an addiction. It’s a lack of maturity and basically I need to flee and stop blaming…I’ll stop my blogvomit now.


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