You think it might be….might be a tumor

23 Jan

Bear with me on the Austrian Death Machine lyrics they’re aren’t many lyrics that talk about tumors or cancer that are rated G. And I have to stick to my song lyrics…because well it’s what I do. I google a work and the term lyrics to get something halfway pleasing for a blog title.

A tumor is defined as an abnormal mass of tissue that serves no purpose. Woah…this cuts deep and may need rereading. You can have benign and malignant tumors but for today’s post it doesn’t matter that much what type of tumor it is.

In church this morning a few of us were going over being a member of the church, a covenant member and our place within the church. How we are to serve not come to be served in church. How we get more when we are invested in ministry. Well the whole time all I could think of was cancer and tumors and some members can be like tumors.

A tumor takes nutrients from the body but doesn’t provide a purpose many times wrecking the body of vital nutrients, energy, and can bring about ruin to the body itself. How true is it that some non-invested members expect things from  church, like taking all the nutrients? They want it to serve or please them. They complain about the music being too loud or of one type of genre, the preaching isn’t applicable, or the vision of the church is wrong, when in reality they are doing nothing to invest to keep the body growing themselves. A growing, maturing christian will take nutrition (worship, godly instruction, and preaching) but then perform a function just like the human body. Feed it and it can work for us…unlike a tumor that steals nutrition to grow and perform no function but maybe cause heartache and ailments.

Does this analogy work for you? It really hits home for me. Reread the definition now in light of what I’ve discussed. I pray I am not a tumor Christian. I encourage you to get involved but make it something you love. Granted help out where necessary but if you have to start a new ministry to use your passions go for it.


One Response to “You think it might be….might be a tumor”

  1. Amanda January 27, 2011 at 4:29 pm #

    I think this is a really good analogy. It’s also true that if every mature Christian (or even new and growing ones!) looked at church as the place they serve/worship and realized that the two elements were not meant to be separated, then churches would thrive and flourish at an entirely new level.

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