I can feel Your presence here with me, and suddenly I caught within Your beauty.

1 Mar

There are two topics that I feel like God has impressed me to address this morning: presence and beauty.  I would like to send a hearty thank you to MercyMe for writing the perfect lyrics for this post.  Let’s begin with presence.  I, of course, am talking about the presence of God.  He has been teaching me about His presence lately.  Like in Exodus 33:12-16 where God informs Moses that He wants him to lead the people out from Sinai, and Moses says that He will not go without God’s presence.  I had read that passage many times before, but the other day when I read it the thing that floored me was Moses’ question at the end of verse 16.  He says, “Is it not in your going with us, so that we are distinct, I and your people, from every other people on the face of the earth?”  As the people of God, it is His presence that distinguishes us from everyone else on earth.  That is so foundational, but it has huge missiological implications.  If we are going out to try to do missions in our own power, what is the point?  For whose glory will these missions take place?  However, if we go with the presence of God and follow His leadership as we do missions, the outcome will be drastically different.  The glory goes to God, and life change occurs as a result.  If we are constantly living in His presence, our lives will look totally different form the world around us, and this is where the distinguishing factor, or characteristic, lies.

God’s presence will lead us to worship as well.  In his book, Called to Worship, Vernon Whaley writes, “Without His presence we will not worship.  But when God is with us, when He is present, worship is our immediate response.  And when we respond to His nearness with worship, we can begin to know Him -personally – and to feel and understand His power” (p. 6).  When God is near, we will worship.  It is impossible to truly encounter the God of the universe and do anything other than fall on your face in worship.  I have resolved to constantly be seeking after and following the presence of God.  As a worship leader, I cannot expect to lead if I am not wrapped up in His presence.  And as a follower of Christ, I cannot expect to be in the right place if I am not surrounded by His presence.

The second topic today is beauty.  I want to ask this question, because I think it ties directly into this discussion of presence: When was the last time you were captured by the beauty of God’s creation?  I mean really think about the last time that you sat in wonder at the sunrise, or marveled at a spider making its web, or had your breath taken away by the grand scale of a mountain range.  Is it part of your recent memory, or do you have to think back to a different time?  We should take the time to ponder the beauty of the Lord.  It is when we are in His presence that we are able to truly recognize His beauty for what it is.  In Psalm 27:4, David writes, “One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life [PRESENCE], to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple [BEAUTY].”  Truly, when was the last time that you simply sat in the presence of the Lord and were caught up in His beauty?

When we are living in the presence of God we will be cognizant of His beauty and the beauty of His creation.  I challenge you to seek after and follow the presence of God today, and then slow down to enjoy the beauty of the Lord and His creation.  The result will undoubtedly be worship.


One Response to “I can feel Your presence here with me, and suddenly I caught within Your beauty.”

  1. Emma Ross May 23, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    That’s exactly how I was called nearer to God. I began to do photography and through that, to see how beautiful, detailed and perfect nature is. These days I just seem to see beauty everywhere instead of the darkness I was wrapped in. I feel so uplifted I had to get a church to take part in praise. I suppose i never understood what praise really meant until now.

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