Everybody’s working for the weekend…

28 Mar

Here is part four of this series about marketplace ministry.  Today talks about what the business would look like for the church I am a part of.  Let me know what you think.

As mentioned earlier, we are talking about a community space/business that the church utilizes as opposed to a church space that the community utilizes.  While we would desire to eventually have multiple business platforms, we will start with one.  So, what will our first small business be?  Our idea is for a business that has three main facets: a cafe, a children’s area, and an amphitheater.  We want to find a way for all of this to be played out together under one roof so that the community can come utilize and enjoy each facet.  Let’s speak to each facet individually beginning with the cafe.

Everyone loves Starbucks.  Their business model has truly transformed the coffee industry in America.  Another popular business is Atlanta Bread Company.  Our idea would attempt to meld these two concepts into one by serving top quality coffee along with great food at an affordable price.  We would serve light breakfast items such as pastries and small breakfast sandwiches in the morning, paninis and light lunch items in the afternoon, and sandwiches and salads in the evening.  All of these items will be priced in a very competitive manner to other establishments in the area that serve similar items.  The cafe would be a place that is inviting to enter as well as comfortable to stay in.  It would be designed in a way that would allow for business men and women to meet clients, but it would also be a place where families could share a meal together.

The second facet is a children’s area.  There are many schools and neighborhoods throughout our community, and there is a great need for a safe place for parents to bring their children.  Our vision for this children’s area is that it will be a place where they can simply be children and have fun.  We want it to be an area where children can forget anything else that may be going on in their lives for the duration of the time they are there and simply have fun.  The area would be large enough to house a bouncy house for children to jump in.  There would be an art area where children could color or draw to pass the time.  There may also be a playscape with tunnels and slides for playing.  This children’s area could also include a small stage area where children to congregate and have story time on given days.  Also this area will be staffed as a baby-sitting service so parents can leave their children there while they go shop in area stores or simply take a breather in the cafe.  The overall goal for this area is that it will be a safe environment that parents will want to bring their children to, and the children love it to the extent that they want to come back when they leave.

The final facet of this business is an amphitheater.  This amphitheater will be a multi-purpose room in the broadest sense.  It will be a area equipped with the latest technology that can be utilized for live music performance, movie screenings, corporate meetings, open-forum discussions, as well as our corporate worship services.  The desire is for this to be a room that could seat upwards of 450-500 people at a given time in a comfortable way.  It will include unique seating arrangements from auditorium chairs to cafe tables and couches to theater-style seating.  It truly will be a unique non-traditional, non-churchy environment.

All three of these facets will be housed under the same roof in a way that promotes a family atmosphere, entices people to return, blesses the community, and provides a platform to reach people with the Gospel.  Just as Paul used his tent-making ventures to share the Gospel in his time, this will be our tent-making business.




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