You got a friend in me…

30 Mar

Here is the final part of this blog series.  The business and the church can and will be mutual beneficiaries of each other.

The business and the church will be able to help each other as we move forward through time.  One major benefit for the church is the fact that we will not have to use a major portion of our tithes and offering to pay for building upkeep and maintenance.  The business side of the organization can be responsible for the maintenance of the building.  This will free up dollars that can be used for Kingdom ministry including mercy ministry, missions, local community outreach, and staff.  Also capitol from the business side can be used to fund church planting, model reproduction, mercy ministries, adoption and foster care.  The church can help with staffing the business as well.  Some of the church staff positions will overlap with the business employees especially in the children’s area and the auditorium staff.  The two different organisms will work to benefit each other.

All the details have not been worked out to their fullest as of yet, but we are in the process of bringing in outside companies and advisors to help us plan this all out.  These companies and individuals are listed below.  We want to make sure that we are doing things biblically first and foremost, and then we want to add value to our community in a way that glorifies God.

These are the thoughts that I have put together for this idea of marketplace ministry.  We, at our church, believe that this is where God is leading us as we move forward in ministry, and some very exciting things are on the horizon.  We are continuing to pray for guidance and wisdom as we take each step forward in the process of following after God.



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