I will never be the same again…

28 Jun

This time four years ago my life was about to very rapidly change.  It was a change that I new was coming, but I had not yet sensed the gravity of the change.  Today is Wee-Wood 1’s birthday, and I cannot believe that she is actually four years old.  So much has changed in the past four years for us as a family.  We bought our first house, we have gotten two new to us cars, we have had a second child, we have started to adopt a third child, we each, She-Wood and I, gone through job transitions, and other various things.  However, one thing has remained exactly the same.  I love this little girl within everything that is in me.

I’l never forget the first time that I saw her.  As she was born the umbilical cord was around her neck, so she was a little blue as she came out.  The nurses and doctors were working like crazy on her and on She-Wood.  It was an incredibly hectic several moments.  There was a point where I thought for a few seconds that I might lose both She-Wood and Wee-Wood 1.  Wee-Wood had fluid on her lungs and she was having trouble breathing, and She-Wood hemorrhaged and was losing a lot of blood.  It was a hard situation for a 23 year old guy to handle, but by the grace of God I was able to make it through.  The funny thing was that during the entire hour long craziness the only thing that kept coming into my head was the Steven Curtis Chapman song, “This Is A Moment Made for Worshiping,” and truly it was.  The first time I got to hold her I was changed forever.  I instantly knew that I would do absolutely anything for this beautiful, helpless little girl.  It was during our first few days at home that the words of God came to realization in my heart from Deuteronomy 6.  God states, “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.  You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise” (Deut. 6:6-7).  God wants us to constantly have Him and His commandments on our minds and hearts.  It was at that point, as I held my newborn child, that I knew what I had to do as a spiritual leader of my children.

I love what one commentator wrote regarding this passage.  He says, “The image is that of the engraver of a monument who takes hammer and chisel in hand and with painstaking care etches a text into the face of a solid slab of granite.  The sheer labor of such a task is daunting indeed, but once done the message is there to stay.”  Therefore, as a father I am resigned to daily take up my hammer and chisel and etch the commands of God and love for Him onto the hearts and minds of my children.  I love them too much not to.

I am sure that today will be awesome as we celebrate Wee-Wood 1’s birthday, and I cannot wait to watch her grow and develop into a godly young woman.  I love you sweetie and happy birthday!


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