Well ya, took my day and flipped it around

24 Jul

Thanks Jamie Grace for my song lyrics today. I’m not good at blogging anymore because I’m trying too hard to self edit…whatever. So He-wood and I are taking the Wee-woods to my mom’s house next Sunday. I’ll summarize the trip…13hrs…1 van…2 kids. Now you can let your imagination go crazy thinking of the wonderful fun family bonding we will have, so in preparation for this event I’m making the girls an “eye spy bottle”. I’ve gathered little knick knacks likes small letters, buttons, a hairclip, lapel pin…etc to put inside an empty shampoo bottle to fill with either uncooked rice or beans. Hopefully I won’t forget to take a picture of the items before shoving them in the bottle…otherwise it’s not as fun. ¬†Realistically this may only be played with for 5 minutes and 4.5 minutes of those will be of them fighting over it. Is it worth it? Yes a whole 30seconds to keep them hopeful of getting out of the car and distracting them from the long trip we will be on.

What does this have to do with our blog, which we’ve never stated but mainly focuses on spiritual things? Well we all need distractions right, especially when our circumstances are less than ideal. With He-wood currently unemployed, I tend to need more distractions. Things to bring my spirit up. So in my “eye spy bottle” is still the adoption, books, fun times with family, and the hope that our new place in ministry will eventually be revealed. Many people have seemed to think we stopped the adoption because of the job loss…we haven’t. We’ve got many reasons for not stopping and just as we are trusting God to provide a new job, money for food and bills, we are also trusting God to bring our son into our lives through adoption. We are praying hard for the birth family and for means to pay for everything just as much as we are praying for a new job and church to call home.

Understanding that I made the Wee-woods eye spy bottle and God places things in my bottle. I’m looking forward to what he puts in my bottle in the next few months. It’s fun to get a scripture, sermon, or a word from a friend to enter “my bottle” and lift my spirit.


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