And suddenly, my biggest fear: I’ll never stop picking apart The puzzle I’ve been working on

25 Jul

It’s me again…googling lyrics and then a word that follows in the post I’m about to do to come up with a “wonderful” title for my blog posting for today. Yeah I know there’s probably many better things I can post and while I didn’t spend much time doing it…it’s funny how the lyrics I choose end up shaping the post to come. That’s extra and probably a whole blog topic by itself.

Sunday I visited the church where He-wood and I grew up. Where we got married, began our ministry together, and dedicated Wee-wood 1. It’s always enjoyable to visit because it’s consistent and we get lots of encouragement from friends. Anyhow, during Sunday school a friend lead the lesson and if I massacre the lesson he taught I’m sorry…my mind was wandering based on our current trials and the lesson being taught. We studied Job and how he lost everything. At one part I got side tracked when he mentioned puzzle pieces of life, I think he mentioned this at least. I’m very big into analogies (if you haven’t noticed from my writings). But following the puzzle pieces of life analogy we have all these pieces of our puzzle to fit together. Currently, we have the weirdest and most unexpected piece ever…unemployment. It doesn’t look like a normal puzzle piece and for the most part I cannot fit it into my puzzle! See I know what pieces I want to place…I want to place the puzzle piece that’s predictable- it’s a picture of a little boy and he’s born from a different womb but he will be my son. That’s the piece I want to place! I also want to place a piece of our family doing ministry together- us modeling Christian living with friends and church service.  But right now I’m trying so hard to place this awkward shaped piece that must be part of the puzzle. I know it fits and it has to because it’s part of the puzzle (God’s plan for our life), even though it isn’t shaped like the pieces I’ve had in the past I know in the grand scheme of things the picture on the puzzle must go in our puzzle. See the image on my puzzle and our family’s puzzle is us glorifying God. If we were to somehow throw this piece out…the puzzle wouldn’t be complete. So as you do with a difficult puzzle piece you keep trying right…keep turning the piece and waiting for more of the picture to be revealed so you know how it all fits. We may never know why we went through this but certainly as He-wood said earlier last week “to draw us closer to God and each other”.
So back to the title for today…our puzzle isn’t complete until heaven right…we are constantly getting new pieces. What pieces do you want to place and which ones do you keep turning around saying I don’t know where this one fits?!


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