Lord I was born a ramblin’ man…

29 Jul

I am in a bit of a mood where I really want to blog, but I can’t seem to sift my thoughts down to just one thing to talk about.  Therefore, I am just going to write.

Tomorrow will mark six years of marriage for She-wood and myself.  It seems crazy that it has already been six years, but at the same time it seems like I have been with She-wood forever.  I truly mean that in the best of ways.  I am so grateful for her.  She is truly an example of a Proverbs 31 woman.  She is my greatest supporter, my best friend, my favorite person, and a true gift from God in my life.  I love her more than words can really express.  It is so wonderful that God chose in his sovereignty to place us together.

Another thing that I am thinking about this evening is the great provision of God for my family and I.  Even in a time when I am not really sure what the next step is going to be, God is providing at all times.  I’m not just talking financially, but in every aspect of life.  God is providing outlets for me to lead in worship, or at least help in leading worship, at various places.  It is a very unique opportunity to be able to go around to different churches and have the chance to see how other people lead their teams.  To have the opportunity to be under the leadership of other worship pastors and learn how they direct the band and congregation is a great learning experience for me.  It will definitely help to shape me into a better worship leader in gaining a better understanding of how to interact with team members and the congregation.  I have really enjoyed it.  It has also been a great opportunity to get to interact with other Christians in various environments.  I have really enjoyed where God has us as a family right now.  It has been crazy at times, but I have never been more reliant on God for His provision.

So I think that is all I have to say tonight.  I am really looking forward to some great time with my wife’s mom and her family this coming week.  I am also, again, so thankful to be celebrating 6 years of marriage with my beautiful wife.  Thanks for listening, and sorry for the rambling.


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