I find my place In serving You

14 Aug

Thanks to the Vineyard song for expressing my thoughts today in song…yeah I probably have never heard the song but I did my typical google and fell on them.

As I was sitting in church today I reflected that this is the first time during our marriage that He-wood and I haven’t been actively serving somewhere. It’s so weird to not have food to take to a sunday school class or small group (I’ve mentioned before I LOVE cooking right?!)…so weird to not get up so early and go to church to prepare to lead in worship (although, praise God He-wood did today, it was most enjoyable). We don’t have any meetings to go to you know the kind where sometimes you don’t really want to attend but do anyways. So weird to not get prayer request emails or newsletters or requests to bring meals to someone going through a difficult time. So weird to not get lunch invites after church..although it’s been good since our budget is tight.

That all being said….BRING ON THOSE THINGS AGAIN!!!!!!! I am so ready to pour ourselves into a church. I’m so ready for He-wood to go to work and for him to use his talents. I’m so ready to have meetings that frustrate, food to cook, and the occasional nursery work to fill in when someone is absent. I’m ready to take on some duties to help grow a church or relieve some stress from someone else.

It’s true we don’t know what we’ve got until its gone, but we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives. I don’t know who said that but it feels so true for me right now. I want normal back…I want the Wee-woods to not have to pray for their daddy to get a new job…I love that they pray for it but it’s still tough.


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