I’m so thankful that I’m incapable Of doing any good on my own

23 Nov

Okay so I’ve not blogged in a WHILE but in honor of thanksgiving I will.

Trying to be thankful during tough times may be easier than being thankful during “easy” times. We see so much to be thankful for. This year has been very rough. He-wood has often said he has been thankful during this time. I have too but probably for much different reasons.

Provision for us financially has probably been my favorite to see during this time. It hasn’t been easy and thankfully we had a little bit of savings to help us through too. I think it’s important that God has always laid it on my heart to have money in savings for a rainy day and not that we should depend on it as a crutch but it’s fiscally responsible. Wonderfully we haven’t had to touch it much since I’m going to need it to get a crown and not the kind a king wears (arg dentists).

-I’m thankful for all the churches who allowed my husband to come play for their worship service and helped to pay our bills

-I’m thankful for being allowed to visit and sit under different pastors, worship leaders, experience different children’s departments; something a full-time ministry family doesn’t get to do much

-I’m thankful for those who have bought us dinner or sent us gift cards to help us get by or invited us to dinner at their house

-I’m thankful for those friends we’ve made who allow me to vent my frustration and befriend my children to make them feel welcome and loved at church

-I’m thankful for the time we got to spend as a family these last several months

-I’m thankful for the prayers that Wee-wood 1 would pray for daddy to find a new job. Breaks my heart she has to endure this but it’s a great lesson on bringing everything to God.

-I’m thankful for my job that allowed me to pick up more classes at the last minute so we could stay afloat.

-I’m thankful for place to stay saturday nights before church-it’s incredibly more than the floor or couch in a strangers basement or living room that I was praying we could have to avoid a long drive Sunday morning.

-I’m thankful for a summer visit to my mom’s that wouldn’t have happened without this situation

-I’m thankful for my grandma giving me Kohl’s cash and getting $10 off a $10 purchase at JCP and other retailers to help us afford clothes and to satisfy a shopping desire when our budget didn’t really have room for one

-I’m thankful for family members who bought shoes and clothes for the Wee-woods so they would always look super cute!

-I’m thankful for a wonderful anniversary dinner prepared by He-wood…some of the best italian food he’s made!

-I’m thankful for the place I sort produce that helps us afford healthy fruits and veggies-oh how I will miss them!

-I’m thankful that our adoption home study is complete and we are waiting on a birthmother to choose us!

-I’m thankful for He-wood bringing Chick-Fil-A home from work and I’m thrilled he got the job in the first place!

Okay I’m stopping but we have so much to be grateful for and if I don’t express it then I can’t truly say I’m being thankful. I’m so thankful that we’ve survived this season of life thus far. It scares me to death but I’m proud to say we have done it. I’ve always been so happy to pay the bills but now it almost brings me to tears.

-I’m also thankful for the way God brought us to our current church…it’s a great story and I guess I should make He-wood explain it when he has time.


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