Well You took my day and You flipped it around

9 Jan

Lyrics by Jaime Grace today because our world was flipped around last week. We’ve already mentioned why but one aspect that we haven’t really worked out in print is the aspect of meeting the birth mom. We knew it would be hard…awkward but I didn’t really know I would suddenly see adoption in a different light. As we have tried to work through our fundraising I’ve often felt that people see us as asking for money for a baby…I wish everyone could’ve been in the room last thursday to see it’s so much more than that. Right now she is our primary mission field…they didn’t even respond to God, prayer, anything we mentioned about Christ. Yes I know we will gain a son if this all goes through and the funds are to pay for legal fees etc but right now may be our only chance to show her Christ’s love.

To see her and her family heartbroken that they cannot provide for the child like they would like is heartbreaking. It’s even more heartbreaking to know that they might not know God’s love…which through adoption we are trying to show her. Our motives for adoption aren’t because we want a larger family  but it’s obedience to his calling for us and his Word. We are so excited to be bringing him home soon and the opportunity to minister to her. Over this past week I’ve often related the experience of ministering to any other type of ministry…it just happens that we get a lifelong ministry in the end, a son. It won’t be easy for us since adoption has many obstacles, especially a transracial adoption.


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