I keep on waiting for the world to change…

17 Jan

Last night She-wood and I watched the documentary, “Waiting For Superman.”  It is a great film about the failing educational system in the United States.  It addresses the fact that there are major problems in the education system that have caused the United States to fall behind nearly all other developed nations when it comes to competency of students in math, reading, and science.  Throughout the film it follows the efforts of several pioneers in the education realm who have decided to work to try to change the way things are for students across the country.  They have made huge strides in the somewhat confined areas where they are working.  They have seen literacy and comprehension rates rise significantly and graduation rates are up sharply as well.  However, when they try to take there methods out into the education system at large they are met with disdain, opposition, and dead ends.  They are on the cutting edge of their craft, and yet they are being dismissed by the establishment because they are doing differently from how they have always been done.

I could not help but draw a comparison to the way things are at many churches.  There are people who are trying to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and they are trying to be innovative in the way they reach people for Christ.  However, they are met with opposition, disdain and dead ends from the “establishment” that does not want to have things changed.  The problem is that while the “establishment” doesn’t want things to change there are people who are dying and going to hell that are not being reached by a church that is using outdated and ineffective methods to share the gospel.  Why is it that pioneers who are trying to advance whatever it is that they are trying to advance are usually met with opposition from the “establishment” that they are trying to help?  Are churches so caught up in making things comfortable for themselves that they have lost their zeal for the gospel?  The early Christians understood how great the gospel was and they were willing to, literally, give their lives in order to share it and make it better.  Has the church gotten so caught up in being “the establishment” that it has forgotten why Jesus created the church in the first place?

It is time for the Body of Christ to get lost in the excitement of the gospel again!  That means that Christians of all ages are willing to do whatever it takes to reach those around them who have yet to respond to the gospel of Christ.  It invariably means that there will be points in time where every member of the body of Christ will be incredibly uncomfortable, but that is a good thing!  God has not called us to comfort.  He has called us to service, and that means that there will be times when the Holy Spirit leads us to do things that are outside of our comfort zone.  Of course, there will be times when we are met with walls from “the establishment,” but it is at those times that we should look all the more to Christ and follow His leadership to reach the world with the gospel.

I challenge you to be a pioneer for the gospel of Christ wherever you may be.


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