All the day long, I won’t be shaken by drought or storm

26 Mar

I’m trying not to be shaken by the whole adoption process. It’s been long…yes I knew that. It’s been full of tears. Tear of sadness when we lost our income and thought we were going to have to put a hold on the adoption. Tears of joy when we got a loan for the amount of the adoption (wonder about the progress of that since we didn’t adopt immediately). Tears of sadness when our hearts were crushed after a birth mom chose to parent the child I cared for for 36hours. Yes she carried him for 9months but being lied to hurts…

Right now its tears of frustration. I can’t imagine how it feels to have infertility problems. But right now I feel kinda like we have infertility problems…we are waiting on something we can’t control. Something we can’t fix! It’s also frustrating to have people not call you back or answer your emails. It’s hard to encourage others to being their process when you feel like this…given time I too will heal from these scars but in the meantime I will keep emailing and calling those whom we are paying lots of money to walk us through this process because I feel like I am dragging them and begging them to do the next step for us. 


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