You are maker, life sustainer, everything comes everything goes when you give the word

2 May

Ah some good ole shane and shane. Today I’m sharing about a Bible study that I just went through. Experiencing God around the Kitchen Table by Marilynn Blackaby. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Lately, mostly due to finances, I’ve been depressed. Especially when I hop on Facebook and see many of my friends taking fun vacations that I dream of going on. I was convicted all throughout the book but the last chapter just really hit me hard. First page of the last chapter she said “My happiness came from being where God wanted me to be and serving him”. Recently on Facebook I said roughly the same thing. It’s good to hear others in the faith have the same struggles as me. She said she looked out her window and thought about her friends on fun vacations where she didn’t even have money to catch a bus to grab coffee. Oh how this is us right now. Luckily God provided a way for her to travel to over 110 countries. I’m not banking that God will do this for me but I’m not trying to limit him. Especially in ministry its important to see the transparentness of others in our situation. Although I fully realize financial difficulties aren’t restricted to only those in ministry. I’m babbling without a point so I will stop. God do the Bible Study. You won’t be disappointed. 


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