So if they wanna reach us with Jesus they gotta do it better than some screaming preachers…

21 May

Where do you strike the balance?  How do you strike the balance?  How do you get to the point that you are able to tell somebody that you love them and care for their soul, but very strongly disagree with their position on a certain subject without them immediately getting defensive?  How do you share the gospel with someone who has an undue and unreasonable hatred toward you simply because of something you stand for or against?  There is a tension that we must realize and live with in this “already, but not yet” kingdom that we live in as Christians.  It is something that I believe that God is working on within me.  We must stand firm on subjects that are contrary to God’s Word while loving those who are on the opposite side of those subjects.  It’s hard though.  We are called to love those around us and preach the gospel and make disciples, but often times the people that we are preaching the gospel to are hostile in nature toward us simply because we identify ourselves as Christians.  I honestly believe that young, reformed Christians in my generation (those born after 1980) are trying to figure out how to wade through the misconceptions that Christians are massively and overarchingly judgmental.  Granted, there are some “Christians” who are incredibly judgmental and they should be ashamed for it.  I have witnessed it myself and wanted to nearly pull my hair out in frustration.  However, every Christian is not judgmental, and I wonder where along the way that the Christian community was so judgmental that that label was seemingly permanently applied to all Christians.  I want to show gracious and merciful love to a community that is starving for it, but it seems so hard to do so when there is a huge wall of previously judgmental attitudes and ungracious interactions with people who called themselves Christians.  God show me how to make an inroad, and give me the patience and understanding to show love and share the gospel.


2 Responses to “So if they wanna reach us with Jesus they gotta do it better than some screaming preachers…”

  1. kimist May 21, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    Part of it is lack of maturity, don’t you think? You’re right Christians need to show less judgement and more mercy but then again there are times that we are too complacent with sin within the church…thats another blog

  2. Michelle Paschal Kellett May 22, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

    So get where your coming from, back 24 years ago (Mitch is 24 hint hint) I walked back into my “home” church to a church full of judgement, it scared me so bad I have never been back. I don’t think people realize how bad is hurts the person.

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