When love takes you in everything changes, A miracle starts with the beat of a heart

20 Sep

Steven Curtis Chapman wrote a song about adoption entitled When Love Takes You In. While the lyrics are good it misses the fact that adoption while part of God’s plan isn’t without hurt. It isn’t without grief. My heart is burdened for Wee-wood 3’s birth mom. She has chosen a closed adoption but my earnest prayer is that her heart would change and she would want to at least have a semi-open adoption. We sense grief for Wee-wood 3 that while he’s not old enough to ask questions one day I’m sure he will ask what was my birth mom like, what did her voice sound like, why did she chose this for me and many other questions. You see it’s not just the birth mom that experiences hurt and grief through the process, but all involved. It also hurts us that we cannot share with her about Jesus. She may be a Christian but as of right now we will never know. 

There is so much left unanswered for our little man but I pray we raise him well, be an advocate for adoption, and always be prayerful that his birth mom would change her mind about the closed adoption. 


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