I’m in a hurry to get things done…

9 Feb

In case you guys didn’t know, we are currently in a season of life where we are praying and seeking for God to show us our next place in ministry. We have been in this place for a little while now.

It is hard at times. I cannot even begin to tell you the days that I have come home from my tent making profession and been frustrated that I have to continue doing it. Not that I hate the job, it’s just that I know God has more for me. (Yes I am aware that it will come in His timing.)

I was reminded today after reading this article that I cannot be too over anxious for what God is preparing me for to come. I know that He has a place in ministry prepared for me, I simply have to be patient as he prepares me for the position. After being reminded of this I wonder, are there others who are in ministry who struggle with waiting for God to move? Not in a way that you question God, but rather you know God has led you to something but His timing doesn’t match up with what you thought.

What do you think?


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