Waiting is not easy

23 Mar

It has always been a challenge to teach our kids to wait patiently. Sometimes they can be the most impatient children I’ve ever seen and certainly the most whiney! So when one of our favorite authors came out with a book about waiting I knew we needed to purchase it. Mo Willems wrote a book called “Waiting is Not Easy”. In it Piggy has a surprise for Gerald, the elephant. Gerald initially is very patient but just a few pages in he’s very impatient and begins to groan loud groans! Eventually it gets dark and he’s like we’ve waited all day-and wants to know the surprise. Piggy finally says look up there is your surprise. The beautiful night sky was above them. They both were awestruck at the beautiful night sky!

It got me thinking, How often are we Gerald the elephant with Piggy,a loving God. We begin by being patient but quickly lose sight of the beautiful night sky…the prize! In our life we’ve been through the waiting phase of unemployment. It was difficult last time around too. We were commuting 80 miles one way begging for the church to vote him in or let us move on. When we adopted our son we waited for nearly a year-getting impatient every day. Many people questioned if we were continuing, stopped asking, and there were days that shamefully I forgot we were in the process. This time of waiting is getting to us again. Okay to be honest it was getting to us a long time ago. It’s been a year that He-wood has officially known about the unemployment season but he’s been looking for a place in ministry for about 18 months. It’s been a long season of waiting. Today I remind myself that much like Gerald waiting for his surprise I too can keep waiting. I must remember that there will be a day when this waiting is over. So until then may I remember to look up and enjoy the goodness of God’s creation.


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