Here comes the sun

30 Mar

Have you ever seen the rays of sun through clouds? Its a beautiful sight isn’t it?! Its one of the rare times we can actually see the light in its little column coming through the clouds to us. And if you are awesome when you pull into a shopping center you can snap a blurry picture of it then realize its blurry pop out and snap a much better picture of it. It may not be the prettiest picture because the restaurant “Chicken World” is featured in the picture but hey it reminds you that the sun is there…in my case HOPE and blessings. If you are as awesome as I am you will email said awesome photo to post into a well written (haha) blog to share with 2.1 readers, and delete the blurry one…or was it the good one you delete leaving your readers to stare at awesome blurry picture. Ahhh yes….early morning fringe hours you strike again and ruin my plan.

IMG_2327But it made me think, we often think clouds are bad. In fact clouds are beneficial for many things. Our wedding photograph told us an overcast day was best for lighting and they make for cooler weather during a summer baseball game! On this day they allowed me to reflect on the beauty God created. It created a pause in my day, a pause to take the pictures, to reflect that without the clouds of life (our trials and storms) would we really pause and see God as the author of our good and bad times. Our waiting times, our loss of a baby through miscarriage, our grief in not being able to parent a child that we advocated for and waited hours to feed its first bottle, our times of unemployment, the times people have deeply hurt us, the times that our plans don’t align with his plans. But through those times we see pictures just like this-God showing beautiful rays through the clouds telling us, reminding us to pause and remember him. Through an encouraging word, pizza brought on a devastating day to share over tears, homes opened up for us to live in…all piled in one bed, cards with gift cards/check to provide food, churches to play at and quilts to sell to pay the bills, friends to clean mouse infested kitchens, the same friends to pack a uhaul when our plans are not his plans and we move away…we could go on and on couldn’t we.

James 1:2-4 Consider it great joy, my brothers, whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. But endurance must do its complete work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing

May we always remember to count our blessings and keep the faith. May my children be able to see the faith leading to endurance and the endurance to maturity. May we always hold on just a bit longer and lean into Him. And if I’m being honest may we soon be singing a new tune and have a new place in ministry and home.


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