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What time is it, What time is it…

27 Apr

I love a good calendar. My life revolves around it. With He-wood working retail and leading worship at various churches, Wee-wood 1 having orthodontist appointments, and Wee-wood 4 going constantly for infant well-checks I cannot live without it. I also LOVE a good meal planning menu however due to our living situation its been a tad too difficult to nail down a whole month at a time.

So how about I link up to another calendar of sorts for you. Lifeway Women All Access blog has a calendar for this May with scripture-it also talks a lot about light this month. May it challenge us to talk about His Word more with our children. If you know me just a bit I have an obsession with Lifeway. I only cheat on Lifeway when Amazon is cheaper…crying shame I know. As a trained chemist if I could convince them they need to hire me I totally would! Mostly in their promotions department for their Lifeway branded Bible Studies. I have a thing for Bible Studies- you may have noticed that if you are my Facebook friend and saw how much I promoted Angie Smith’s new study Seamless. It’s a great one to check out if you are looking for a 7 week Bible Study.

Okay so here’s the link for the May calendar. Hope you enjoy it!


Our spelling and reading curriculum solution

2 Apr

When we first started homeschooling I was super freaked out (read verge of anxiety attack) on teaching my kids to read. Don’t get me wrong I love to read I just have no clue how to teach it! I also didn’t want them to grow up hating reading so a firm foundation was key. Don’t even get me started on spelling. While my younger sister went to the D.C. for the spelling bee, autocorrect and I are bffs…well when it doesn’t change my word to something ridiculously stupid!

So enter with my mom’s suggest on All About Reading. We LOVED Ziggy when my daughter was 4!  Ziggy is a zebra puppet that helps with the pre-reading curriculum.We start with their pre-reading at 4. She was a very advanced 4 year old since she knew how to write and already read several words but we did it anyways. She quickly grasped rhyming with Ziggy. Pre-reading is great because each day there is an easy craft and it varies so it isn’t always coloring.

Kindergarten we began AAR 1. We saw much success and we are now finishing it with out second daughter. She wasn’t as advanced as her sister but she even enjoys sitting down doing her flashcards by herself. I love that there are many different ways we can use the fluency sheets.

One thing I do need to say is that it is super portable! You can use the tiles for spelling reading words on cookie sheets or put them in an old diaper container and take them to a playdate to do school while the younger kiddos play. My favorite is to take a fluency sheet to a restaurant and reward the kiddo with an ice-cream cone after she finishes her sheet for the day. We’ve also done fun things like using bingo markers to mark out the words, dividing up larger sheets so it isn’t overwhelming, and rolling dice to see how many rows to read at a sitting! It’s so portable that when we did pre-reading with our oldest we were living in two different places 80 miles apart for my husbands job. We bought the full kit with the little tote bag and just threw in what arts and craft supplies we needed for those days we would be away from home!

We formally introduce spelling in first grade. So since we LOVED the reading we chose their spelling also. I love that both their reading and spelling curriculum tell you why we do it this way and some exceptions. Having missed or forgotten those rules growing up its been a great learning tool for this momma! DSC_0210_2

My oldest has one more year or so of their reading curriculum and many more years of spelling with them but we are thankful for the firm foundation it has given us. It’s also a great tool for non-homeschool families. If your child is struggling or just needs extra practice its an easy and quick way to incorporate it into their life. Great way to keep their brains working over the summer weeks when school is out!

You can see in the picture it even makes an appearance at Kindergarten graduation. To show reading fluency we allow them to choose a story to read or a book. My daughter chosen an AAR story she had recently read.

Use my affiliate link and we both win. I’d love to answer your questions.