What time is it, What time is it…

27 Apr

I love a good calendar. My life revolves around it. With He-wood working retail and leading worship at various churches, Wee-wood 1 having orthodontist appointments, and Wee-wood 4 going constantly for infant well-checks I cannot live without it. I also LOVE a good meal planning menu however due to our living situation its been a tad too difficult to nail down a whole month at a time.

So how about I link up to another calendar of sorts for you. Lifeway Women All Access blog has a calendar for this May with scripture-it also talks a lot about light this month. May it challenge us to talk about His Word more with our children. If you know me just a bit I have an obsession with Lifeway. I only cheat on Lifeway when Amazon is cheaper…crying shame I know. As a trained chemist if I could convince them they need to hire me I totally would! Mostly in their promotions department for their Lifeway branded Bible Studies. I have a thing for Bible Studies- you may have noticed that if you are my Facebook friend and saw how much I promoted Angie Smith’s new study Seamless. It’s a great one to check out if you are looking for a 7 week Bible Study.

Okay so here’s the link for the May calendar. Hope you enjoy it!


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